Yellow is a happy color

What is your happy color? For me, I love the color yellow. Year’s ago, I even remember a song called, “Yellow is a happy color” written and produced by Charlie Peacock that lifted up the value of the color yellow.


There are days that call for things that draw our attention to bright spots. Truth be told, even in the darkest of places, there always is a source of light. I don’t say this from a position of idealism or blindness to the hard and difficult things in life. I don’t say this not having experienced the pain of loss or grief personally.

However, and maybe particularly during a dark times, I think its important to look for glimmers of brightness.

For me, it’s like choosing what shoes I’m going to wear on a given day. Yes, I consider what I have ahead of me. Do I anticipate a informal or more formal day at work? What does the weather look like on the forecast? How long is the day going to be? All this taken into account, I tend to choose what fits best, and gives me a bit of brightness to accompany me with each step I take.

Some days, I choose my yellow moccasins, others I pick my shiny red clogs, and some days I wear my tall, waterproof, black boots – and instead of shoes, throw on a colorful scarf for warmth AND color.

Looking for color, brightness and light is a means for me to find my way in the midst of challenge, difficulty and grief. Looking for light does not deny the hardship, but sheds some brightness upon the path ahead.

Where do you see light today?
Where does color help you throughout the day?

May you be aware of the light that is always present and may your path be dotted with color to dot your days with hope.

Author: gratitudematters

Artist, writer and investigator of light and beauty - even from the dimmest corners of life.

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