Why gratitude matters

Gratitude is defined in the dictionary as: “a feeling of appreciation or thanks.” Gratitude is a feeling, that often is overlooked in the everyday business of life, but we feel that gratitude is a powerful tool that helps us to notice beauty and take note of how it can be a source of inspiration and hope – even in the most challenging of times.

In short, we feel that gratitude matters.

So, gratitude and taking note of it’s influence in life is why this website exists.

Through the platform of this website, it is our hope to develop a space for people to share how gratitude impacts people’s lives and to help cultivate space for them to express these feelings through art, story and community development.

If you think that gratitude matters, or would like to learn more about how it can make a difference in you life, please join us at gratitudematters.net for the adventure that waits.

Because, we believe that, for us and for you, gratitude really does matter.

Author: gratitudematters

Artist, writer and investigator of light and beauty - even from the dimmest corners of life.

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