It’s only just the dawn

October’s chill is falling, fog is rolling, and crickets sigh. A train is on track with mourning’s blight and wheel clack in the mid-of-night.

There’s always something moving, even a drowsy lark.           There’s always changes coming, even in the deepest dark.

True mercy can’t be kept apart from the shadows of life and love. Mercy stretches her arms to embrace the whole sad world and breech the great divide.

 There’s always someone walking, in the sweaty heat of life.    There’s always someone moving, shifting between dark and bright.

 Wandering souls aren’t lost, when they remember their cause. They hold tight to hope in the darkest night or the cold of an early frost.

 There’s always someone trying, to tell you what you’ve done.    There’s always someone saying, you’ve lost and it can’t be won.

 There’s a train that travels in mercy and it fills the world with grace. On this train all are welcome – it’s no matter of beauty, wealth or place.

There is One who says you’re accepted. There is One who’s paid the price. This is One who banishes the darkness and ushers in the morning light. 

Don’t heed those words of worry. Don’t let them hold you down. Wait for morning’s promise and find you’re standing in the sun.

Look to the east and keep on walking – you’re walking in the sun.

 There’s always something moving, even a drowsy lark.          There’s always mercy coming, even in the deepest night.

The journey’s not yet over – it’s only just the dawn.

Copyright Tara Eastman 2016

Author: gratitudematters

Artist, writer and investigator of light and beauty - even from the dimmest corners of life.

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