Hope in cups of Joe

It’s hard to pin-point what is so comforting about a hot cup of coffee, or tea for those who prefer it. On a damp January night, there is something soothing and restful about hot coffee at a small Greek diner I just discovered.

The staff was friendly and conversational – but not too conversational. The food was simple and delicious and all the customers said hello to each other as they entered and exited. All ages and genders were present and all seemed to have a sense of feeling at home in this space.

But I digress, back to coffee.

One thing that all the people gathering in this place had in common was (you guessed it) – COFFEE.


Some used sugar or yellow packets of sweetener and some used cream – but all who gathered had a hot cup of Joe steaming on the linoleum topped diner table.
The coffee warmed our hands as well as cleared the fog of thoughts and concerns from the day now behind us. To be fair, the coffee I consumed was well over one cup of Joe – I had chosen the bottomless cup.

This, I have to say was an excellent choice and one I am grateful for.

Perhaps I’ve stumbled across a place similar to the old sitcom Cheers, where everyone knows your name. This remains to be seen. But as far as the coffee is concerned, the bottomless black cup with one sweetener was balm for my soul.

Cups of Joe should always be bottomless and offer a cup to go, just as this diner did.
Overflowing cups of coffee are something we all need from time to time.
Who would have thought that hope would show up in a simple ceramic cup.

May your cup always be filled to the brim.
May your coffee always be hot.
May your hands always know warmth.
May you be aware of hope in everyday places –
in your haves and have-nots.

Where did hope and comfort surprise you today? Please share your response in the comment section below.


Author: gratitudematters

Artist, writer and investigator of light and beauty - even from the dimmest corners of life.

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